About Us
Beijing Construction Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Lei International was established in 1996, formerly known as Beijing North Fang Jianlei decoration Center, Beijing North Fang Jianlei Decoration Co., Ltd., on August 19, 2008 to complete the shareholding system reform, and changed its name to Beijing to build Lei International Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is specialized in building walls, decoration, steel, doors, windows and electrical installation and construction and design of the joint-stock companies, while country-level qualification curtain wall construction, a decorative construction quality, Grade A curtain wall design Class A decorative design qualification and qualification, as well as two steel structure, windows, doors and electrical installation and construction qualification. Part of China Building Decoration Association and the Beijing Building Decoration Association executive director units.
    Companies registered capital of RMB 50 million, management and technical personnel more than 900 people, many years of construction and production workers more than 10,000 people, its large production base has a complete, advanced glass, stone and aluminum processing and production equipment.
    Company pioneered the "pinnacle of world engineering challenges," the majestic slogan, and this objective, the completion of a large number of the country and the world have a major impact on various projects, including Asia's largest project known as the Oriental Plaza in Beijing , have called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic's first building, a super five-star Grand Hyatt Beijing, Beijing Hotel, two hotels and the Commonwealth of Dominica, as well as People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Beijing New World Centre Phase I and Phase II Anhui Huijin Building, Hunan Science and Technology Museum, Dalian New World Plaza, Ningxia Autonomous Region government building, Beijing, Sinochem Tower, International Finance Building, International Business Building, Offshore Oil Building, altar building, Investment Plaza, Sunshine Plaza, Sogo Plaza , Beijing Concert Hall, Chinese Theatre, the CPPCC National Committee Building, Chateau Gardens and the palace guest house, and so hundreds of Ningxia large building walls, decoration, steel, doors, windows and electrical installation engineering.
Every project the company has always adhere to the "fine design, careful construction, to ensure that contractual commitments; hard to open up, the pursuit of excellence, to create quality time," the quality policy, to do a project tree a monument, including ten years have been awarded "Luban Award "," National Construction Decoration Award ", including national awards, and won many provincial and municipal building awards. Wall and was awarded a national business and industry, 50 100 enterprises in the country decoration. Company to undertake the project 100% pass rate, good rate of more than 80%.
The company focuses on meaning, honest, hard-working, pioneering the concept of management of enterprises, and service to society, in business development, while not forgetting the society, many donated money to support rural development, support for stricken areas, to support cultural support education, and community feedback is always considered a fundamental obligation of the enterprise.
Company in the industry's achievements and social and technological strength has been highly recognized by national authorities. Over the years, edited by my company national standards and national industry standards, "hanging natural granite and stainless steel fittings, decorative building panels," "natural decorative stone test method", I also participated in the Ministry of Construction "metal curtain wall and stone wall construction standards "of the validation, as well as" a construction division syllabus "of approval for the wall and decoration industry in China has made its due contribution.